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Meet GLORIA KELLEY, Executive Director for CASA Kane County

• Passionate about helping people achieve business and personal goals
• Loves hanging with family – and cars
• At Apex, he’s “the helper”
• Grew up in Silvis, Ill. and married his high school sweetheart
• Treasurer for the Elgin Youth Symphony Orchestra
Tax planning is essential for two very important reasons.  The first reason is to ensure you take advantage of opportunities BEFORE the year is over.  The second is that you are informed well in advance of April 15th of what your potential tax liability will be so that you can begin to plan for the cash outlay.  Now is the time to take a serious look at your tax situation.  Tax planning holds equal importance for your business and you personally and we want to make sure you pay as little tax as legally possible.  Here are some tax planning ideas worth considering:

If you are like most business owners, the thought of business growth is exciting! You have the passion to succeed and the battle scars to prove it. Perhaps it’s been your sheer will, a lot of hard work, some sleepless nights and even a little luck to get you to this point. Perhaps you have even relied on those small moments of triumph to help carry you through the challenging times. One thing we know is that the same strategies that got you to this point will most likely not get you to the next level. For the business to reach its full potential, it must be able to reach beyond the capabilities of you, the owner.

A big issue facing business owners today is determining if an individual should be hired as an employee or as an independent contractor. The government does not take this issue lightly. Misclassifying workers as independent contractors can result in large, unexpected tax bills along with penalties and interest. Furthermore, employers may pay penalties on employment taxes – Social Security, Medicare, and Federal and State Unemployment – in addition to incorrectly filing tax forms. Determining the correct classification requires an in-depth look at the circumstances surrounding the worker’s arrangements.

We are always relentlessly committed to our client’s success!
As a way to encourage its team to contribute to the firm's strategic initiatives, our firm rolled out its very first Company-sponsored silent auction!
No one likes to be limited – least of all business owners and leaders.
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