How to maximize your office space

Running out of space in your office? You may not need to move.

Instead, consider ways to maximize the space you have. For help, you can hire a professional office space designer, interact with a computer program or create your own simple hand-drawn floor plan.

Office SpaceWhichever route you choose, you will need to know the traffic patterns, work styles and technological needs of your office. In addition, you should give thought to health and safety issues, the comfort of your employees and your goals for future expansion of staff.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Divide big rooms with partitions. Larger offices can provide work space for two employees while ensuring a level of privacy.
  • Install banks of cabinets. Cabinets on the wall over desks use wasted space and put office supplies within easy reach.
  • Store supplies where they are needed. A cabinet or storage cart underneath the copy machine keeps paper and toner handy.
  • Evaluate your furniture needs. A customized built-in work station might make the best use of a corner and still provide adequate desk space.
  • Move or add electrical and telephone outlets. Making wall plugs more accessible can lead to greater efficiency in furniture layout.
  • Consider structural changes. If your office style permits, relocate or remove doors or walls to create more open work spaces. Caution: Check with a construction expert before demolishing existing walls.
  • Establish a central location for multi-user equipment. Position fax and copy machines to minimize noise and facilitate easy use.
  • Run cables and computer wiring through walls or ceiling spaces. Eliminating clutter can make a small room appear larger.

Effectively using the space you have takes planning, but the payoffs can include increased productivity and a healthier work environment.

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