What enhances value? What detracts?

What adds value to a business from the buyer's viewpoint? What takes away from value? Here's a list of each.

Enhancing Value

Value Enhancers

  1. Trained, stable work force
  2. Established, creative management team
  3. Product/service with a clear competitive advantage
  4. Stable revenues and profits
  5. Clearly defined goals – corporate focus
  6. Expanding markets
  7. Opportunity for significant productivity increases
  8. Well-maintained plant and equipment
  9. Effective management information systems
  10. Barriers to market entry

Value Detractors

  1. Low morale and high employee turnover
  2. Dominant, autocratic leadership
  3. Highly competitive product/service lacking differentiation
  4. Volatile revenues and profits
  5. Lack of a cohesive business strategy
  6. Stagnant or declining markets
  7. Limited productivity enhancement potential
  8. Poorly maintained physical plant
  9. Lack of management information
  10. Ease of market entry
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