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Sam Segretto has built a business on making people look beautiful. He, his wife, and three sons own the upscale Zazú salons with locations in Chicago, Hinsdale, Wheaton and Naperville.

Being a business owner is never part-time. “We live it,” he says. “It’s 24 hours, thinking about it, talking about, it’s part of who we are. It’s not 9 to 5 and we walk away. It never leaves us.”

Ben Basar has climbed mountain peaks all over the country, skied the toughest black diamonds, navigated turbulent white waters, and logged endless miles by mountain bike. He has a degree in adventure education – emphasis on “adventure.”

Then there was the car accident followed by the chronic pain and the fear and the journey back to normalcy through a physical regime crafted by a German trainer in the late 1800s who immigrated to United States. His name was Joseph Hubertus Pilates.

By Lucas VanDeWoestyne, CPA, CGMA and COO of
Apex CPAs & Consultants

Almost every weekend, I work on my black Cadillac CTS-V (a race inspired version of the CTS; if you are a car buff like me, you’ll appreciate this). Now, I absolutely could just start adding parts. However, what we usually find is that down the road we have to change the parts we originally put in to achieve the results we want. Instead, getting a game plan early, asking the right questions from trusted experts, and focusing on my goals will save me time, money and resources.

Same goes for running a business.
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