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Stories of our Relentless Commitment


to our Client’s Success

We are relentlessly committed to our clients’ success. But instead of telling you how we’ve helped our client’s grow their business with our accounting, tax, and business advisory services, we thought you should hear it from them.

David Eshoo, President & Founder, Helping Hand IT Services & Networking, Inc.


In 2014, I was unhappy with the level of service I was receiving from my current accounting firm. As a small business owner, I wanted more attention from my accounting firm.

I like to make changes in the short term. As owner, I found that typical accounting companies meet with you in December and then tell you all these things to do to mitigate your tax burden in the next 15 days! I wanted more attention to make changes that could affect my company’s bottom line throughout the year, not in a rush at the end of the year.

At a minimum, I wanted quarterly meetings to plan for the company’s and my future. My old accounting firm kept saying yes, let’s meet, but nothing ever happened. So, I was frustrated and beginning to look at other firms. It was the exact right moment to meet Jim and start to working together.

After talking with Jim, I realized that he was not your typical accountant. I told him there was something different about his company and how they do things. He listened to me and understood what I was asking for. He assured me that his firm meets with small business owners throughout the year all the time. So, we started our relationship of working together.

Apex CPAs & Consultants has two facets. First is as an accounting firm. They provide the nuts and bolts, and typical services. But then Apex brings a team in and they take a deeper dive into our company, bringing a different philosophy to the marketplace than typical accounting firms. Not only do they help the business succeed, they help business owners themselves. Their goal is to unchain you from your business. That was something key for me and my wife at this point. I am in the midst of getting ready to retire. My wife and I want to divest the business in the next 5-10 years. Jim and his team have been attentive and willing to help us accomplish our goal!


With Apex, we are on a monthly schedule for dashboard meetings. My wife and I meet with Apex to go over current financials for the prior month. We talk about the ups and downs and we set budgetary targets for the end of the year. Another thing we asked our prior accountant for that never happened.

Then, we bring in my V.P. of Operations in for the second half of the meeting and we talk about the operational side of our business. My V.P. of Operations likes these meetings and seeing a clearer vision for the operations side of Helping Hand. My wife and I feel once he understands the operational side will move him deeper into the financial side of our company. Hence our grooming and mentoring process for him to purchase our company.


To date we are extremely happy with our services. Jim and Apex’s team members are totally invested in our business. Every person in their company makes you feel like you’re the only client they have. In my eyes that is Huge!!!

They are on top of all the new tax laws. They are an elite accounting firm by themselves. Continuing to always focus on the higher end of accomplishments for our company. They are not the least expensive firm, but Value is the Key reason you work with Apex CPA’s & Consulting.

Breaking down the day-to-day accounting, dashboard meetings, mitigating our tax burden, quarterly business events and personal attention to the business owners unchaining. The Value is HUGE and worth every dollar you’re investing!!!

Also, Apex offers a separate program called Executive 360. This program is designed to uncover internal issues, work with each company’s employee’s, and help formulate a healthy team environment.

Lastly, they offer extra value to their clients like educational and networking meetings. These are beneficial to me and our clients. As an example, I invited one of my clients to attend an after-hour networking and educational meeting at Apex. The topic was about manufacturing companies doing business overseas and how they could leverage a tax law and save thousands of dollars. They took the advice, and our client saved 6-figures. Wow, that is Amazing Value!

So, would I recommend Apex Accounting & CPAs to our clients? If you’re looking for Value and want to Unchain from your Business. In a Heart Beat!!!

Phil Graf, Founder, Graf Tree Care


In the last few years, growing my business faster has become a big strategic initiative. I’m glad I was working with Apex CPAs & Consultants already as my accounting firm, to understand their strategic advisory services and how it could help my business.

After discussing my growth goals with the Apex team, they suggested that I was at a point in my business where I was ready for their proprietary business advisory program, Kairos. I trusted Jim after working with him for so many years, so I made the leap. I’m glad I did because we are going to get way more out of this program than we put in.


The Kairos experience kicked off in the Spring of 2017 with the Personal Goal Setter Phase, which concentrates on what I, as the business owner, want to get out of my business and my life. Then in the Fall, we started to work on the next phase, the Executive 360.

On the first day of the Executive 360 phase, we almost had the whole company involved. After we had smaller more focused sessions, with myself and my three division managers. Since then, when we meet it is just me and my brother, who is my financial officer.

I like the way the Kairos process is set up. It’s really good and it’s moving along at a nice pace to see results.


Working with Apex, my business has grown both by saving money with tax planning and with revenue generating strategies. This year has been a record year for us.

I would describe Apex as very professional. I would also say they are more of a consulting firm than a traditional accounting firm. It’s what makes them the most unique. The consultant part of the name should be first because that offers the most value and they can help impact your business.

However, their consulting value is not just with the Kairos experience. No matter what service they help you with, you get strategic consulting advice. I have had great budget meetings with his team on tax planning. They look out for me and proactively say “Hey, let’s do tax planning to help you grow your business.”

I’ve worked withthe whole team at Apex. They have all been above average and some are complete rock stars.

The biggest benefits I got from working with Apex were getting a good vision, help with being organized as a business owner, and tremendous business growth from Jim and the whole team’s guidance throughout the years.

Chris Rud and Kate Allen, Chief Operations Officer and Director of Special Events, Bureau Gravity


Our previous CPA abruptly quit. We interviewed three accounting firms, who all said our accounting was a disaster, and we were racing against time to complete our taxes and get a new handle on our business. We were also finishing a large construction project and under a deadline to submit reporting to our lenders. The SBA loan and financier required that we update the fixed asset schedule, which we suspect our previous CPA neglected for three years. We were presented with a significant auditing process, which entailed reclassifying and recategorizing all transactions for the previous year, including $2.5M we made in purchases.


In February 2019, we hired Apex because we liked Jim’s business sense, experience, and we felt he could offer higher-level strategic advice. Lisa handled the bulk of rebuilding the books while we met with Jim to touch base. Kate and I aren’t numbers people, so to speak, but working with Apex created the perfect balance. They really saw the bigger picture and got to know us as a company.


Apex helped us get the books straight and did it quickly. Lisa and Jim were conscientious and efficient and did a great job. We were happy with the way everything turned out, and we would absolutely recommend Apex.

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