Succession Planning
All Journeys Must Have A Destination

What Are Your Long-Term Goals?

The ultimate goal of most closely held organizations is either to become a legacy business, passed down through the family, or to ultimately be sold to others, providing financial resources for the owners to benefit themselves, their family, and often charitable causes. Apex can help you get the maximum value for your business while at the same time staying in control and reducing the risk inherent in any transition process.

We will help you identify and evaluate alternatives and opportunities for business succession planning, letting your expectations and objectives guide our strategic recommendations.

Apex can design a plan just for you that provides:

  • Assistance with merger and acquisition strategies
  • Business and estate tax planning to maximize value to owners
  • Strategies to optimize business value leading up to the sale
  • Your timetable, transfer methods and exit strategy
  • Advice on how to fairly treat family members involved in the business and manage intergenerational conflict
  • Periodic review and refinement of existing plans

Let Apex CPAs & Consultants, Inc. help you prepare for the biggest financial event of your life.

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