Epic in The Fox Valley – David Eshoo

A Conversation with David B. Eshoo, President and Founder of Helping Hand IT Services & Networking, Inc., About Gardening for Ideas, His Kairos Time Tricks, and the Top 4 IT Blindspots for Most Businesses


1. How have you made a difference in the Fox Valley community?

We are members of both the Saint Charles & Geneva Chambers. I’m also the Chairperson of the Economic Development Committee of the Village of Campton Hills. We support our local baseball teams and Casa Kane County.

2. Where do you go for kairos time?

We live in the country in a home nestled on a two-acre lot. Hence, I love working in our yard, taking walks or riding my bike. Strangely enough my second think tank time is while driving long distances in my car. Kairos time is extremely important to me; hence I schedule time once a month to engage our growth at Helping Hand IT.

3. What is an example of how you have used Kairos time to make a big decision?

Back in 2008 I was faced with a direction change for our company: moving into a retail exposure location, when most IT companies were not, and taking on some large debt. Oh, one more major concern, our country was going into what is now known as the worst recession in U.S. history. I was able to sort through the pros and cons as well as the risk factors facing our company. Praises go to our team of employees who met the challenge.

4. What are the top three things about IT that business owners should think about — but often miss?

– Security
– Efficiencies
– IT Strategy
– Destroy Recovery Strategy

5. How have you worked with Apex and can you give us a quick comment about them?

Back in 2015 I met Jim Chakires, principle/owner of Apex Accounting & CPAs. During our 20 years in business, I’ve had many opportunities to meet several owners of accounting companies. During our conversation I realized Jim was not your average accountant. On November 1, 2016, I move my accounting to Apex. Jim and his team bring the day-to-day accounting, but their passion is to dive deep into your company, learn how you tick. In less than two years, our company has been transformed. Our next mission is to work with Apex with their Executive 360 program. Exciting times for my wife and I as owner, not to mention the growth for our team at Helping Hand IT. Best kairos time decision we have made for us personally and for our business!


For more information about Helping Hand IT:
David B Eshoo, President & Founder
Helping Hand IT Services & Networking, Inc.
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