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We advise making all payments via the online systems at the links provided below for federal, Illinois, and Arizona. All other state payments should be made through the respective states’ website. If you must mail your payments, we recommend mailing via certified mail and retaining proof of mailing & delivery receipt. Please contact your Apex Client … Continue reading “Estimate Payment Reminder”

Taxes are an inevitable aspect of life, often eliciting a sigh when considering the portion of hard-earned income that must be surrendered. However, with strategic tax preparation, you could potentially reduce the amount of taxes you pay or secure a larger refund at the end of the fiscal year. Paying taxes may be unavoidable, but … Continue reading “The Need for Tax Planning”

CHICAGO, IL – Auxo Brands is pleased to announce the recent launch of a new brand – Golfabella®. Created by serial entrepreneur, Aleksandra Efimova, comes the most elegant line of golf dresses to enter the market. The collection features 9 luxurious, yet practical, dresses inspired by 9 holes on the course, along with a collection … Continue readingINTRODUCING GOLFABELLA® LUXURY GOLF APPAREL FOR LADIES WHO PLAY IN STYLE

IRS Tips to protect your person information during natural disasters The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is providing guidance to individuals in safeguarding their financial and tax-related information during natural disasters. As part of a comprehensive emergency preparedness strategy, it is crucial to protect vital documents and data. This reminder comes in conjunction with National Hurricane … Continue reading “IRS TIPS TO PROTECT YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION DURING NATURAL DISASTERS​”

On Wednesday November 17th Apex CPAs hosted a Partners In Growth 1099 and W9 Information Workshop! If you missed it you can use the link below to access the video and presentation deck. The IRS is attempting to close the tax gap on unreported income and forms 1099 and W9 are becoming more important. We … Continue reading “1099 and W9 Information Workshop”

On Wednesday February 2nd we hosted our first partners in growth of 2022! If you missed it you can use the link below to access the video and presentation deck. The tax landscape has experienced constant and rapid change since 2017, and additional tax changes are on the table, most recently in the form of … Continue reading “Partners In Growth – 2022 Tax Season Outlook: What’s Next For The Build Back Better Act?”

It’s no secret this tax season is going to be messy- the IRS is starting the season off with a MAJOR backlog! There is a backlog of at least 10 million unprocessed returns from last year. By comparison, the IRS usually enters the tax-filing season with fewer than 1 million remaining items to address. While the “normal” … Continue reading “Tax Season Hack – Your Account”

Many people may have financial statements or a balance sheet in front of them, but they do not know what they should be looking for. The financial statements can be seen as a maze as there is so much information and people do not know where to start looking first.  While the balance sheet report … Continue reading “Understanding the Balance Sheet”

Small businesses move from an in-house accounting to an outsourced accountant team as a business matures. According to, 27% of small businesses outsource accounting within the first year of a new owner or management team. That percentage increases to 51% when the management team has been in place for 5+ years. There are several … Continue reading “Do’s and Don’ts working outsourced accountant”

As a CPA, I have always been intrigued by what drives business value a lot and some worth very little.  How can two businesses appear to be equally profitable but the values are so different?  I have invested my entire career toward helping growth minded business owners and have learned allot along the way.  I … Continue reading “What drives business value?”

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