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A Conversation with Mike Algrim, Director of Commercial Banking for First National Bank, about growing up in St. Charles, what lights him up about entrepreneurial growth, and his prediction on a cashless society.   You attended St. Charles High School. What is something you learned growing up that you employ today in business? The core … Continue reading “Epic in The Fox Valley – Mike Algrim”

Aurora University graduate Worked in public accounting since 2012 Specialty areas: manufacturing and technology sectors Looks for ways to help businesses succeed Loves hiking!   She knows what successful companies look like Hi, I’m Lisa! Since I joined APEX, I have had the privilege of working with one of our major manufacturing clients, assisting them … Continue reading “Meet Lisa Yanke, CPA – Executive Division Associate”

When we start out in business, everything is urgent. Everything is important. You’re a Swiss Army knife — doing the work, billing it, marketing it, making it, taking care of customers. As the business grows, it’s easy to get stuck in “urgency” mode. But that’s not where growth happens. Two Types of Thinking The task-focused … Continue reading “Think First, Grow Second”

A Conversation with David B. Eshoo, President and Founder of Helping Hand IT Services & Networking, Inc., About Gardening for Ideas, His Kairos Time Tricks, and the Top 4 IT Blindspots for Most Businesses   1. How have you made a difference in the Fox Valley community? We are members of both the Saint Charles … Continue reading “Epic in The Fox Valley – David Eshoo”

• Enjoys helping others • Comes from a large family • Loved dominoes growing up • She’s in go-mode much of the time   What do you do at Apex? Financial statements and all types of tax returns, including individual and business entities. What do you love most about accounting? People say that I do … Continue reading “Meet Dawn Andrey, Enterprise Associate at Apex”

Fact: when you start a business, a company’s success is in direct proportion to struggle. It has to be that way. You are running the show. In fact, you ARE the show: the main actor, the ticket taker, the promoter, and the custodian. According to a survey by The Alternative Board, 30 percent of entrepreneurs … Continue reading “How to Sprint Past Early Stage Struggle to Strategic Planning for Growth”

Diana is a business owner of a popcorn company. She’s busy leading, working, delivering, packaging, presenting and planning. Some call her a nonstop force of energy. She hasn’t taken a vacation in three years. Jack, on the other hand, is always the life of the party. No small wonder he is in sales. The problem … Continue reading “7 Habits of Small Business Owners Who Think Ahead of the Curve”

We’ve doubled the size of Apex in two years, and it never would have happened if I hadn’t stepped aside. It hurt to let go. But if I hadn’t, I knew we would never be anything more than a few people with a nice, little office working at capacity in the bustling town of St. … Continue reading “From One Business Owner to Another: Letting Go is the Best Way to Grow”

A Conversation with Phil Graf, Founder of Graf Tree Care, About the Urban Forest, Fishing From the Air, and Why Taking Trees for Granted is a Big Mistake   You’ve grown your company from two to more than a dozen people (including Ringo, the shop dog). What’s your secret to business growth? I have no … Continue reading “Epic in the Fox Valley – Phil Graf”

Served accounting clients for 32 years Hi, I’m Debby Anderson. I prepare monthly compilations, payroll, sales, individual and entity tax returns. I was previously with Morrison & Associates for 32 years. I also love good food, which may be why people think I’ll eat anything! Loves being part of the Apex team! Everything is working … Continue reading “Meet Debby Anderson, Enrolled Agent at APEX”

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