The perfect, delicate, crucial moment;

the fleeting rightness of time and place that creates the opportune atmosphere for action, words, or moment.



KAIROS is a strategy-driven program that helps small businesses achieve exponential growth from within their organizations with big picture thinking.


For small businesses up to $20 million in annual revenues,KAIROS builds businesses through a company’s DNA at a point in time when they are poised for tremendous growth,but unclear on the path. Only KAIROS is led by CPAs with deep business experience who clearly show business owners and their team where they are, where they want to be, and the definitive plan to get there.


Emerging companies hunger for growth. Maybe you started in a garage or left a good paying job to go off on your own or took a second mortgage to finance inventory. Employees came on board. More than ever, you worked long days, long nights, getting tangled in the weeds of your business.

But then, one day, you realized you wanted more: more time, more profit, more growth. Maybe you even felt a little stuck. You are not alone. Many business owners get to a point where their businesses are poised for growth, but they don’t have the tools or support to get unstuck


1. Objectivity

Getting clear on the pillars your company is built upon comes before moving forward. Objectivity means taking a step back and being honest with what you see.

3. Pursuit of Truth

Recognizing your limitations and strengths is an important way we grow personally. Recognizing the limitations and strengths of people within your organization is an important way we grow our businesses .

2. Knowledge

Curiosity is the prerequisite for creativity. Emerging companies are hungry to learn the best path and taking the steps necessary to make a good company truly great .

4. Courage to Soar

It isn’t about being fearless, but being courageous about embracing the big vision .

5. Trust

Vulnerability leads to trusting others in your organization. This enables you to let go and grow .

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