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We stay current on state and local tax laws so you don’t have to

Whether you do business in one state or several, you know too well how difficult state and local taxes can be. Apex CPAs and Consultants, Inc. can help manage your state and local tax burdens by recommending solutions that are consistent with your company’s overall business objectives. We monitor the evolution of state and local tax changes to ensure that clients conducting business in multiple states are reporting their income correctly and to uncover opportunities to help minimize their tax burdens.

To meet current budgetary needs, states are considering ways to generate additional tax revenue—not only through legislative initiatives and tax amnesties, but also through enhanced enforcement. This means that state and local tax regulations are becoming increasingly complex and creating challenges for businesses that have multi-state operations and sales activity.

As your business grows and expands into new geographies, you will encounter an array of complexities, changes and variations in jurisdictional tax regulations and court rulings that need interpretation: You must be proactive in addressing these challenges.

And our specialized experts can help you identify these issues before they occur.

Our state and local tax services include:

  • Nexus Determinations
  • Apportionment Review
  • Voluntary Disclosures
  • Compliance
  • Filing Method Review
  • Audits
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Entity Selection
  • Due Diligence Review
  • Credits & Incentives Review

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